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Soybean bioenzymatic hydrolysis of protein

Soybean bioenzymatic hydrolysis of protein

protein powder
protein powder
Product introduction

At present, there are two main categories of soybean protein concentrate and soybean protein isolate in the world, but neither of them can effectively solve the problems of low digestibility, anti-nutritional factors and chemical residues of soybean protein. Therefore, relying on its own cutting-edge integrated biotechnology, the company has put forward the concept of soybean biological enzymatic protein hydrolysis and formulated product standards, which should meet four or more standards:

1. The crude protein content is more than 55%;

2. The content of acid-gliadin is more than 20%;

3. The digestibility of crude protein is more than 90%;

4. The elimination rate of anti-nutritional factors is more than 99%;

5. Rich in oligopeptides, probiotics, prebiotics and other growth-promoting factors;


01. High content of small peptides: easy to digest and absorb, enhance intestinal mucosal immunity: The crude protein content of the product is more than 55%, the acid gliadin content is more than 10%, and the small peptide content is more than 20%. The absorption speed of soybean small peptide is fast, the absorption capacity is strong, it is 3 times that of amino acids, and it is directly absorbed without degradation during absorption, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of protein. And compared to protein or amino-crushing, soy peptides have a lower osmotic pressure, so they reduce the incidence of symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort and electrolyte imbalance.

02. Strong function of small peptides: it can promote intestinal development, improve the body's immune level and antioxidant capacity: Studies have shown that soybean functional small peptides with special structure can be directly absorbed and utilized by small intestinal villi, repair intestinal villi damage, promote intestinal development, regulate the body's immune function by regulating the number of white blood cells, lymphocytes and granulocytes, effectively scavenge free radicals in the body, reduce the probability of lipid oxidation, reduce the integration ability of lipids and metal merchants, and have good antioxidant properties.

03. Low anti-nutritional factors: significantly reduce intestinal allergic reactions, and have high safety: The product is fully fermented and enzymatically hydrolyzed, and most of the anti-nutritional factors are degraded. It is reported that the small peptide of soybean with a molecular weight of less than 3400Da will not cause allergic reactions, and the small peptide content of the product below 3000Da is as high as 88%, which can effectively solve the safety problem of soybean protein for a long time, and is an effective substitute for high-end protein raw materials such as fishmeal, which can be widely used in livestock and poultry aquaculture.

Product efficacy

1. Promote intestinal development, reduce the incidence of enteritis, and improve production performance.

2. Promote amino acid absorption and protein synthesis, and improve feed utilization.

3. Reduce the fermentation of undigested protein in the hindgut and promote intestinal health.

4. Improve the quality of meat, eggs and milk products.

Company all staff adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer supreme", carry forward the "professional development, loyal and trustworthy" spirit of enterprise, has deep cooperation with many domestic manufacturers to implement the advantage of resource configuration and complementary, in line with high starting point, the principle of quality and cheap price, better for the manufacturers to provide quality services.



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