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Antiviral compound preparations

Antiviral compound preparations

Feed additives(microorganisms)
Product introduction

1、Product product composition

Honeysuckle extract, crude extract of bellflower, etc.

2、Guaranteed value for product composition analysis

Chlorogenic acid ≥0.25%,mentholone 0.15%.

3、Product characteristics

   This product is a tan powder

4、Product efficacy

①1. It is conducive to the stability of the farm during the high heat season or epidemic period;

②Pig farms are used for high-fever infections such as porcine circovirus, blue ear disease, swine fever, influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, viral influenza and heat stress;

③Poultry farms are used for poultry fever, duck plague, duck viral hepatitis, goose plague, bursal disease, influenza, Newcastle disease and various febrile infections

④Cattle and sheep farms are used in cattle and sheep influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, bovine infectious rhinitis, goat pox and other viral diseases;

⑤ Protect the liver and kidneys, remove toxins, relieve the immunosuppressive effect caused by the virus, and enhance the resistance of animals to infectious diseases.

5、 Usage and dosage

Cattle and sheep This product is used at 0.15g per kilogram of body weight mixed with water for 3-6 days;

Poultry according to the product 100g mixed with 500g of water for 3 days.

6.、Storage methods

Store in a ventilated and dry place.

7.、Packing specifications


8.、Shelf life

24 months.


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