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Bacterial protein type III

Bacterial protein type III

protein powder
protein powder
Product introduction
  1. Product introduction: This product is selected high-quality and high-lysine-producing microorganisms through special fermentation process, rich in protein, nucleic acid, sugar and vitamins and other nutrients, the absorption utilization rate of this product in the rumen is 85%, and the absorption and utilization rate in monogastric livestock is more than 95%. It has a very broad application prospect.
  2. Product composition and analytical guarantee value

Crude protein ≥ 75% (lysine >15%); water 12%, ash ≤ 12%, ammonium salt ≤2%.

Third, the efficacy of the product

1. Increase flavor and freshness, promote animal appetite. This product has the effect of increasing the flavor of feed, and the taste is delicious, and has the effect of adjusting the taste of feed and promoting animal appetite.

2. Quickly supplement animal nutrition and enhance the utilization rate of feed. This product has high digestion utilization rate and has the characteristics of fast absorption by animals.

3. Due to the high content of lysine and the composite effect of a variety of amino acids, the absorption and utilization of other nutrients can be enhanced; amino acids have the ability to chelate trace elements, which can enhance the utilization of trace elements in feed.

4. Promote the growth of animal fur.

4. How to use the product

  In the full valence material, 5-10% equal protein is used to replace soybean meal protein.

5. Storage method

Store in a ventilated and dry place.

6. Packaging specifications


7. Shelf life

24 months.

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