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Rhodiola rosea P.E.

Rhodiola rosea P.E.

Plant(herbs) extracts
Product introduction

The parts of Rhodiola on main medicinal is root which smells sweet and tastes bitter. The main ingredients are salidroside. It has function on enhancing immune system and prevents cardiovascular diseases, cancer and depressant.


[Active ingredient] Salidroside

[Quality standard] CP2010

[Appearance] Yellow brown fine power

[Specification] 1%-3%(HPLC Test)

[Extraction solvent]Water+Ethanol

[Particle size] NLT 100% thru. 80 mesh

[Heavy metals] As2ppm,Pb5ppm

[Microbiological test] Total plate count1000CFU/GYeast and mold100CFU/GSalmonella,E.Coli,Staphylococcus are not allowed.

[Application] Widely apply to health care products, medicine, cosmetic, daily supplies.

[Storage and Packing] Store in sealed containers at cool &dry place,Keep away from strong light, heat and moisture. A cardboard drum with two plastic-bags inside.

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