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Methionine Chelated selenium

Methionine Chelated selenium

Methionine chelate feed additives
Product introduction

Product description

Selenium is one of the essential trace elements for animals, which has the functions of improving growth performance, meat quality, antioxidant capacity, immunity and reproductive ability. Methionine chelated selenium has good stability, good fluidity, less antagonism, and small affected factors in the digestion process after entering the animal, which is convenient for the full absorption and utilization of metal ions by the body.


Product specifications


Light white powder


≤ 5%



Organic selenium


Pb (lead)

≤ 10ppm

As (arsenic)

≤ 5ppm



poultry/animal husbandry/aquaculture


Methionine chelates selenium function

  1. This product is rich in methionine and organic trace elements, suitable for animal digestion and absorption, improve feed utilization.

2. Antioxidant effect. Selenin is mainly found in animals in the form of functional enzymes, which can effectively break down oxides. Improve resistance to disease and stress; Reduce drip loss, improve meat quality and color, and extend shelf life;

3. Improve the body's immunity and disease resistance. Selenium can stimulate the value-added of lymphocytes and the expression of cytokine receptors, thereby promoting the production of antibodies and helping animals resist the invasion of various pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, selenium can also activate humoral immunity, thereby improving the body's humoral immunity, anti-infection ability, and reducing the occurrence of inflammation;

4. Improve the reproductive performance of animals. After selenium deficiency in animals, reproductive stimulation can cause endocrine disorders in animals. Male animals show decreased sperm motility, while female animals have a reduced fertility rate, and the incidence of diseases such as fetal clothing retention and metritis will be significantly increased. Selenium supplementation can promote the formation of sperm in male animals and enhance their activity; Promote the release of the reproductive hormones estradiol and progesterone in female animals, thereby improving the fertility of breeding animals.

5. Accelerate the growth and development of animals. Selenium in animals will affect the metabolism of fat, protein and sugar, which promotes the synthesis and secretion of growth hormone in animals through the synthesis of coenzyme A and coenzyme Q, accelerates the synthesis of animal protein, and promotes its growth.

6. It can be combined with toxic and harmful metal ions (such as heavy metals) in the body and excreted from the body to remove toxins.

Recommended dosage (full formula feed).

Piglet sows 100g -150g/MT

Broiler 100g - 150g/MT

Beef cattle 100g -150g/MT

Aquaculture fish and shrimp 100g- 200g/MT

Note: Recommended dosage calculation basis, please consult the formulator for specific usage.



Packaging and storage

25kg/bag (kraft paper bag packaging, inner plastic bag). Keep tightly closed and in a dry and ventilated place.

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