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Methionine chelated iron

Methionine chelated iron

Methionine chelate feed additives
Product introduction

Product description

Iron is a component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome enzymes and other oxidases, which is closely related to hematopoietic function, oxygen transport and intracellular biological oxidation process. When animals are deficient in iron, mitochondria and microsomes within hepatocytes and other tissue cells are abnormal, cytochrome C content decreases, protein synthesis and energy utilization are blocked, animals develop anemia, dry hair, rough skin, and weight loss.


Product specifications


Light white powder


≤ 5%



Organic Iron


Pb (lead)

≤ 10ppm

As (arsenic)

≤ 5ppm



(1) Simultaneous intake of methionine and iron saves the internal energy consumption of chelates formed by inorganic iron and methionine in the body.

(2) In line with the physiological digestion and absorption mode of animals, regulate the synthesis of heme, effectively prevent and treat anemia in piglets, make pig skin rosy, and improve the quality of carcass flesh; The crown is rosy and firm.

(3) It can play the role of iron-containing enzyme in the body, which can effectively remove free radicals in the body, prevent lipid peroxidation, improve animal stress resistance, and enhance the body's immune function.

(4) Effect on sow reproductive ability: Compared with ferrous sulfate, the first breeding fertility rate and weaned piglet survival rate of primary sows fed iron methionine were significantly improved, the initial stillbirth rate was reduced, and the piglet had a higher breeding rate. It is conducive to improving the body condition of sows and reducing the rate of sow culling; Improve the reproductive performance of primary mothers and reduce the amount of feed required for piglet breeding.

(5) The impact on growing pigs: daily weight gain increased, feed intake increased, feed remuneration increased, hemoglobin content increased, slaughter rate and lean meat rate were improved Improve.

(6) Iron methionine is added to the compound feed of egg ducks and meat ducks, which is conducive to improving the feed remuneration and egg production rate of egg laying ducks, and improving the weight gain rate of meat ducks.



Recommended dosage

Gestational/nursing sows: add 500~700 grams per ton of full-price compound feed.

Suckling piglets: add 450~700 grams per ton of full-price compound feed.

Medium and large pigs: add 350~400 grams per ton of full-price compound feed.

Poultry: add 150~300 grams per ton of full-price compound feed.

Aquatic products: add 450~600 grams per ton of full-price compound feed.

Ruminants (dairy cows, beef cattle): add 200~250 grams per ton of compound feed.

As a functional additive, 150~250 grams of this product are added per ton of compound feed, replacing inorganic trace elements as needed.


Note: Recommended dosage calculation basis, please consult the formulator for specific usage.



Packaging and storage

25kg/bag (kraft paper bag packaging, inner plastic bag). Keep tightly closed and in a dry and ventilated place.

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