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Methionine chelate manganese

Methionine chelate manganese

Methionine chelate feed additives
Product introduction

Product description

Manganese methionine chelate is a five-membered ring structure product made by chelating methionine and trace element metal ion manganese under certain PH value, pressure, reaction temperature, catalyst and other chemical conditions.

Manganese is a specific activating ion of glycosyltransferase that participates in the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides by affecting the activity of this enzyme Manganese participates in the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. in animals, so it has a significant impact on animal growth and reproductive function.


Manganese methionine chelate has the characteristics of stable structure, clear composition, high bioavailability and low emissions, gives full play to the growth efficiency of animals, improves immunity and disease resistance, reduces diseases, increases breeding income, improves the overall level of breeding, exerts functional nutrition and immunity and disease resistance nutrition, and reduces environmental pollution, is a series of organic trace element products for livestock and poultry, aquatic products and ruminants. Experiments and practice have proved that the molecular structure of methionine chelate manganese is close to the natural form of manganese in living organisms. It can be directly absorbed and utilized by animals, and is higher bioavailable than inorganic manganese salt.


Product specifications




Light white powder or mico granule



Manganese content (inM2+)


Lead (in Pb)

≤5 mg/kg

Cadmium (in Cd)

≤5 mg/kg

Total Arsenic (as as)

≤5 mg/kg




Methionine chelate manganese function

1.Manganese can be supplemented in the form of organic manganese source, providing a high biological potency manganese source, and meeting the manganese required for the synthesis of a variety of metabolic enzymes in animals.

2. Promote the normal growth and development of bones, promote the formation of chondroitin, prevent bone development disorders, and deformities of young animals;  Prevention of slippery tendonism and cartilage nutrition disorders in poultry due to manganese deficiency.

3. Participate in the synthesis of steroids, improve the reproductive performance of breeding animals, promote the normal estrus of sows, increase the initial weight of piglets, and reduce the occurrence of sow leg disease; Prevent the occurrence of toe and foot disease.

4. Promote synthesis and secretion, maintain normal glucose metabolism and fat metabolism, improve the reproductive ability of breeding animals, promote the smooth estrus of sows, and increase sow secretion.

5. Improve the antioxidant capacity of the pig body, reduce the loss of dripping water, and improve the quality of meat; Improve ruminant immunity, promote growth and development, improve hoof disease.

6. Improve the production performance of breeding birds, improve egg production, fertilization rate and hatching rate, improve eggshell quality (improve eggshell thickness and eggshell strength), and reduce the incidence of broken eggs and soft-shelled eggs.

7. Enhance the immunity of poultry and reduce the stress effect.

8. Improve the survival rate of seedlings and improve disease resistance in aquatic applications.




All pigs, poultry, cattle and aquatic products


Recommended dosage





Meat duck

Egg duck

Addition amount(mg/kg)








beef cattle

dairy cattle


Addition amount(mg/kg)





Note: Recommended dosage calculation basis, please consult the formulator for specific usage.


Packaging and storage

2 5kg/bag (kraft paper bag packaging, inner plastic bag). Keep tightly closed and in a dry and ventilated place.


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