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Protein chelate iodine Feed grade

Protein chelate iodine Feed grade

Protein chelate feed additive
Product introduction

The trace element iodine is an essential mineral element for the body of ruminants, an important raw material for the synthesis of thyroid, and extremely important for animal metabolism, fur condition, growth and development, and reproductive performance. Lack or excess of iodine will seriously affect the performance and health of animals

1. Specifications:


Yellow granules

Moisture content

≤ 10%

Ash content

≤ 15%

Crude protein content


Total amino acid content


Iodine content


Vitamin E/(mg/kg)


Vitamin D3/(IU/kg)



2. Efficacy:

2.1 Iodine is mostly found in the thyroid gland of pigs. Iodine works differently from other trace elements, it works in the form of hormones.

2.2 Iodine deficiency in growing pigs leads to goiter and stunted growth. Thyroxine promotes protein synthesis, activates a variety of enzymes, regulates energy conversion, and accelerates the growth of body tissues.

2.3 Iodine deficiency in pregnant sows can lead to fetal death and absorption, or the production of hairless pigs.

3. Recommended Use:

Feeding objects

Recommended dosage


Add 10 ~ 20g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 20-50g of this product per ton of complete feed

Cattle and sheep

Add 30 ~ 100g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 50 ~ 120g of this product per ton of complete feed

Flexible use according to biological varieties, growth period and other factors There were no adverse effects


4 . Packaging and storage

4.1. 20kg/bag or 10kg/bag (kraft paper bag packaging, inner village plastic bag).

4.2. Keep tightly closed and placed in a dry and ventilated place.

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