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Protein chelate manganese Feed grade

Protein chelate manganese Feed grade

Protein chelate feed additive
Product introduction

Manganese is an essential trace element for animals and can promote the normal growth and development of bones. Manganese participates in the activation of the enzyme system of chondroitin sulfate synthesis and promotes bone synthesis. Maintain normal glucose metabolism and fat metabolism. Manganese participates in the metabolism of proteins and improves the absorption and utilization of proteins in the body. Manganese also promotes the synthesis of cholesterol in the body. Manganese has the effect of activating polysaccharide polymerase and galactotransferase in the body. In addition, manganese can also stimulate the proliferation of immune cells and enhance immunity.

1 Specifications:


Light yellow powder

Moisture content

≤ 10%

Ash content

≤ 10%

Crude protein content


L-Lysine content


Total amino acid content


Manganese content


Vitamin E/(mg/kg)


Vitamin D3/(IU/kg)



2. Main features:

2.1 Manganese is closely related to the normal development of fish bones, and the manganese content in fish bones is very high. When the calcium content of feed is too high (3%~4%), the effectiveness of manganese will decrease.

2.2. The manganese content in ruminant livestock is low, the demand for manganese is not high, and the general feed diet can basically be satisfied, so it is similar to pigs and is not prone to manganese deficiency.

2.3 When pigs lack manganese, the growth and development of diseased pigs are hindered and emaciated; reproductive dysfunction, poor development of the mammary glands of sows, prolonged estrus, imperviability, miscarriage, stillbirth, weak fetus; Movement disorders in newborn piglets, weakness in piglets, moaning, tremor, ataxia, slow growth; Skeletal deformity, tubular bone shortening, see gait rigidity or lameness. Manganese-deficient boars degenerate their testicles and lose reproductive function. In addition, pigs are less prone to manganese deficiency. Pigs have a low tolerance to manganese.

2.4. Domestic animals such as chickens generally require more manganese than mammals. When poultry is deficient in manganese, one is that the bones are not developed normally, the leg bones are thick and bent, and the sick chickens are lame, and this disease mostly occurs in 3-6 weeks old chicks; The second is the deformity of the chicken embryo, the legs become thick and short, the wings are also shortened, the head is deformed, similar to a ball, and the embryo is poorly developed, so the hatching rate is reduced. Therefore, special attention should be paid to manganese supply to chickens in winter and spring.


3. Recommended dosage:

Feeding objects

Recommended dosage


Add 60 ~ 120g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 500 ~ 700g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 300 ~ 500g of this product per ton of complete feed

Meat duck

Add 500 ~ 700g of this product per ton of complete feed

Egg duck

Add 300 ~ 500g of this product per ton of complete feed

Cattle and sheep

Add 200~400g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 40~0g of this product per ton of complete feed

Flexible use according to biological varieties, growth period and other factors There were no adverse effects


4 . Packaging and storage

4.1. 20kg/bag or 10kg/bag (kraft paper bag packaging, inner village plastic bag).

4.2. Keep tightly closed and placed in a dry and ventilated place.

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