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Protein chelated iron Feed grade

Protein chelated iron Feed grade

Protein chelate feed additive
Product introduction

Iron is a component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome enzymes and other oxidases, which is closely related to hematopoietic function, oxygen transport and intracellular biological oxidation process. When animals are deficient in iron, mitochondria and microsomes within hepatocytes and other tissue cells are abnormal, cytochrome C content decreases, protein synthesis and energy utilization are blocked, animals develop anemia, dry hair, rough skin, and weight loss.

  1. specification


Light yellow powder

Moisture content

≤ 10%

Ash content

≤ 10%

Crude protein content


L-Lysine content


Total amino acid content


Iron content


Vitamin E/(mg/kg)


Vitamin D3/(IU/kg)



  1. Main features:

2.1 Prevent iron deficiency anemia and also provide essential amino acids for animals
2.2  Increase the content of heme in suckling pigs, and increase the content of hemoglobin to promote rosy skin
2.3 Enhance the immunity of animals and promote the weight gain and growth of animals.


3. Recommended dosage:

Feeding objects



Add 400-1000g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 350-1200g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 100-500g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 300-500g of this product per ton of complete feed


Add 300-2000g of this product per ton of complete feed

Flexible use according to biological varieties, growth period and other factors There were no adverse effects


4 . Packaging and storage

4.1. 20kg/bag or 10kg/bag (kraft paper bag packaging, inner village plastic bag).

4.2. Please seal tightly and place in a dry and ventilated place.

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