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Protein chelate calcium Feed grade

Protein chelate calcium Feed grade

Protein chelate feed additive
Product introduction

Calcium is an important component of animal bones, mainly found in teeth and bones, and a small amount is also present in body tissues and blood. Amino acid chelated calcium not only helps the body's digestion and absorption, enhances appetite, but also supplies the essential amino acids for the body. Calcium deficiency in animals can lead to bone deformation, slow growth, rickets


  1. Specifications:


Light yellow powder

Moisture content

≤ 10%

Ash content

≤ 10%

Crude protein content


L-Lysine content


Total amino acid content


Calcium oxide content


Vitamin E/(mg/kg)


Vitamin D3/(IU/kg)



  1. Efficacy:

2.1  Increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis caused by inability to stand, lameness, joint swelling and deformation, paralysis and other symptoms

2.2 Significantly increase egg weight and eggshell hardness, improve eggshell and egg yellowness, and effectively prevent caged chickens from producing broken shell eggs, soft eggs and white-skinned eggs.

2.3  Prevention and control of rickets and osteomalacia caused by calcium deficiency in young animals, piglets, calves, puppies and rabbits

2.4 Prevention and control of adult animals: such as sows and other sows consume a lot of calcium due to pregnancy and lactation, such as not being replenished in time, the mother animals have stiff limbs, walking and swaying, body tremors, ataxia, closed teeth, howling, convulsions, severe paralysis, that is, "hypocalcemia pathological process".

3. Recommended dosage:

The amount of aquatic products, livestock and poultry compound feed added is 3%-5%.

Flexible use according to biological varieties, growth period and other factors There were no adverse effects


4 . Packaging and storage

4.1. 20kg/bag or 10kg/bag (kraft paper bag packaging, inner village plastic bag).

4.2. Keep tightly closed and placed in a dry and ventilated place.

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